6UZ1 Used Engine Blocks For Excavator EX460 - 5 8981415390 898141 - 5390 Diesel
6UZ1 Used Engine Blocks For Excavator EX460 - 5 8981415390 898141 - 5390 Diesel
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: ISUZU
Model Number: 6UZ1
High Light:

6UZ1 Used Engine Blocks


EX460 - 5 Used Engine Blocks


8981415390 Used Engine Blocks

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Neutral Package or Fumigation Free
Delivery Time: 5 - 8 work days
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 30 pieces
Excavator Mdel: EX460
Engine Model: 6UZ1
Condition: Used
Part Number: 8981415390
Quality: High Quality
Type: Diesel Engine
Color: Same As Pictures
Material: Iron
Product Description



6UZ1 Used Engine Blocks For Excavator EX460 8981415390 898141 - 5390 Diesel





Car name: Engine cylinder block
Model Number: 6UZ1
Engine type: Diesel
Application: Excavator
valve: 24 valve
The number of cylinder: 6
Injection: Electric
Work form: Turbo





Common problems in the Engine Cylinder Block:


Common signs which indicate a malfunctioning engine block is low engine compression, visible engine smoke, engine overheating, discoloration of engine oil, leaking oil or coolant, frozen coolant in the radiator, and excessive smoke from the exhaust, low levels of coolant, blocked engine radiator and leaking antifreeze.


Coolant leakage:

External coolant leakage is a common problem in an engine block. It can be caused due to a malfunctioning water pump, radiator, or heater core. A clogged water pump interferes with the flow of coolant.

It can also be caused due to a malfunctioning cooling fan which can cause trapping of the heat inside and cause overheating of the coolant.

A crack in the engine block can also be a cause of leakage of coolant, leaving the engine to be overheated.


Cracked engine block:

A crack in the engine block occurs due to increased thermal stress in the material. It is caused due to overheating of the engine.

The block can also crack in freezing temperatures if the cooling system is not filled with enough antifreeze.


A crack in the engine can cause low engine compression. It can also lead to coolant or oil leak and emit white smoke from under the hood.


Porous engine block:

An engine failure can occur when a contaminant enters the metal. It is related to the manufacturing process of the engine block.

These casting defects do not create issues in a short time but eventually will begin to seep and leak.


Blown head gasket:

The Head gasket is located in between the head and the block.


A blown head gasket leads to the mixing of all engine fluids into the combustion chamber and causes excessive smoke out of the tailpipe, low compression in the cylinders, and a loss of coolant and milky oil.


Poor lubrication:

The lubrication of moving parts inside an engine is absolutely essential. Low engine oil levels can cause unnecessary friction inside the engine leading to overheating of the parts and damage to the engine. It could also cause an engine seizure.


Oil pump failure:

The oil pump is responsible for the flow of lubricant in the engine. Failure of an oil pump can have a long-term effect on the lifespan of the engine.

It would starve the engine of necessary lubrication and lead to excess friction between the moving parts.


Hydrolocking of engine:

The pistons of a combustion engine are designed to compress a mixture of air and fuel. Air can be compressed easily but compressing water is a difficult process.


As a result, if too much water enters the cylinder block the piston or components related such as the piston rod will likely break while trying to compress water at high RPMs.


A blown head gasket or driving the vehicle in floods can cause hydro locking of the engine.


6UZ1 Used Engine Blocks For Excavator EX460 - 5 8981415390 898141 - 5390 Diesel 06UZ1 Used Engine Blocks For Excavator EX460 - 5 8981415390 898141 - 5390 Diesel 1





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