C9 Used Fuel Injector For Excavator E330 E336D E336D2 387 - 9433 214 - 5427
C9 Used Fuel Injector For Excavator E330 E336D E336D2 387 - 9433 214 - 5427
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Caterpillar
Model Number: C9
High Light:

C9 Used Fuel Injector


E336D Used Fuel Injector


214 - 5427 Used Fuel Injector

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Neutral Package or Fumigation Free
Delivery Time: 5 - 8 work days
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 120 pieces
Excavator Model: E336D E336D2
Engine Model: C9
Condition: Renovate
Part Number: 387 - 9433
Product Name: Fuel Injector
Color: Same As Pictures
Material: Steel
Quality: High Quality
Product Description



C9 Used Fuel Injector For Excavator E330 E336D E336D2 387 - 9433 214 - 5427






Part Name: Fuel Injector Assy Part Number: 214 - 5427
Category: Spare parts Cylinders Number: 6
Condition: Renovate Test staus: Normal
Type: Electric Injection Injector Code: 3B1385325





What is Fuel Injector?

A fuel injector is an electronically controlled mechanical device which is used to inject/spray (just like a syringe) the fuel into the engine for the preparation of correct air-fuel mixture which in turn provides efficient combustion to the engine?


The position of the fuel injectors differs for different engine designs but usually they are mounted on the engine head with a tip inside the combustion chamber of the engine.


Why do we Need Them?

Fuel injectors are the necessity of all the automobile vehicles these days because -The working principle of internal combustion engines directly indicates that better the quality of fuel-air mixture better will be the combustion which in turn provides higher engine efficiency, so we need fuel injectors which provides far better air-fuel mixture quality than carburetors.

The improper air-fuel mixing provided by carburetors leaves various un-burned particles inside the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine which leads to improper propagation of combustion flame due to which engine malfunctioning known as knocking or detonation takes place, so to avoid this almost all the vehicles on road today adopted fuel injection technology.

The wastage of fuel in the form of carbon or un-burned particles inside the combustion chamber directly reflects the mileage of the vehicle, which is not desirable, so to avoid this, adopting fuel injection technology becomes essential.

In case of carburetors, controlling the air-fuel mixture quality and timing(fuel metering) is not precised as in carburetors, the adjustments can be done mechanically, but when it comes to fuel injectors due to its smart electronically controlled unit or e.c.u high precision of fuel metering can be achieved.

It has been seen that not only the mileage but also the performance of the fuel injected vehicles is better than that of carbureted vehicles.



“Improvement in technology today will leads you a greater efficiency tomorrow” very rightly said as with the increase in dependency of human being on machines not only makes the life easy but also increases fuel demands, specifically if we talk about automobiles, the number of vehicles on road increasing tremendously since the start of the 20th century which directly reflects the fuel demands as well as prices.



C9 Used Fuel Injector For Excavator E330 E336D E336D2 387 - 9433 214 - 5427 0C9 Used Fuel Injector For Excavator E330 E336D E336D2 387 - 9433 214 - 5427 1

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